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About Us

   A little background on ParaVival.com and how it started. 


     My name is Anthony Valentine and I am the owner and operator of ParaVival.com. ParaVival started in June of 2012 in the kitchen of my parents house in Derry, New Hampshire. Since I live in NH, I'm just a short ride up to the white mountains where I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. I love hiking mountains, and there's nothing like good old Mt. Washington. Once a year I like to climb Mt. Washington, which is the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi river, and home of some of the worlds most dangerous wheather. Other than hiking, I also enjoy rock climbing, kayaking, camping, boating, snowboarding, and much more. 

     My brother got me into paracord, and ever since then I've been fascinated with it. I never went anywhere without a stash of paracord just in case. After seeing products online, and in some local stores, I decided to start making my own paracord gear. I started ParaVival because I felt I could create quality, reliable gear for people who also enjoyed the outdoors like I do. I take pride in my great craftsmanship, and ability to build and create things. I took my skills and focused them on my paracord gear. After making dozens and dozens of things I finally established the best, most efficient way to make my products. I wanted to make sure that each product had AS MUCH cord as I could possibly fit into it, and also be well built so they dont fall apart on you. 


   We currently only offer real basic gear, but we plan on expanding once the business gets going. I want to offer things like backpacks, fanny packs, harnesses, kayak leashes, climbing helmets, beanies, water bottle sleeves, gun slings, camera straps, and much much more. Having ParaVival outdoor gear is like having the best of both worlds. Great outdoor gear, which also is constructed with paracord, making it double as a survival tool. 


Aside from products     

     Aside from selling the products I want ParaVival to be somewhere you can go to find an abundance of information pertaining to paracord, survivalism, and anything involving the outdoors. If you want to learn something about using paracord to survive, ParaVival.com is the place I want everyone to come to. I plan on writing awesome, detailed tutorials on all sorts of fun and useful tips and tricks you can use when in survival situations, or simply trying to have fun outside! Even though I sell the products, I also offer instructions for FREE on how to make your own gear. Whether you buy the paracord from me of from someone else, I want everyone to be able to create their own gear, and wear it when enjoying the great outdoors. All the tutorials, and how-tos can be found here: ParaVival.com/How-Tos.

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