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Sheet Bend


   The Sheet Bend is a bend knot, which are used for joining two cords, lines, or ropes together. When this particular knot is doubled it can be used to tie ropes of unequal diameter together. Using a single sheet bend to tie ropes of unequal diameter together is unsecure, and most likely will not hold. In addition to unequal diameter ropes, making sure the loose ends are on the same side ensures a safe, secure sheet bend. Like shown in the picture to the right, both loose ends end up on the same side, making it a secure, safe, sheet bend. 
   The sheet bend is considered so essential that it is knot No1 in The Ashley Book of Knots

  1. Cross the two loose ends of cord over one another. Take the longer end of the yellow cord and bring it up and behind the loose end and back down over the black loose end.
  2. This part shows you what it should look like and also shows you where to go next with the black loose end. Take your black loose end and bring it through the loop formed with the yellow cord.
  3. It should look like this when everything's in place.
  4. After tightened slightly it should look like this. Make sure both loose ends end up on the same side as eachother. Notice both loose ends are on the top in part 4 of the diagram.



The finished knot: