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Cow hitch

   The cow hitch is a common knot used in lots of things including boating, climbing and even we use it in making our survival bracelets. It's a very common knot which lots of people use every day without even knowing. Things like attaching luggage tags, and electronic lanyards are done with the cow hitch. 

  • Below is a diagram showing you a step by step of how to make a cow hitch.
  • The numbers in the instructions below will correspond to the numbers in the image.
  1. In part one of the diagram your going to fold your cord or rope so theres a loop, and feed it through your shackle. Again this can be done with more than just a shackle, you can use a cow hitch to attach to almost anything thats thin enough, like tree branches, keyrings, and etc. 
  2. In this step you are simply finding your other end. If you folded you cord in half exactly, your opposite end will have equal lengthed cords like shown in part 2 of the diagram.
  3. In thie part you are going to place the end you found in part 2 through the loop on the other side of the shackle/chosen object.
  4. Pll your cord through all the way until the knot is tight. It should look like it does in part 4 of the diagram below.